12 April 2014

Happiness with Toys

You sweet boy, my heart wants to burst when I see you so happy and hear you laughing.

And I'm thinking this toy was the best money ever spent.  It's your favorite and you spend hours playing with your ball popper.  

03 April 2014


Me with my littles on Mothering Sunday.  I love being the mommy in my family.

29 March 2014

Photo Scouting

 A few photos from earlier this week with my little family. They were good sports to come along with me while I scouted out a location for an upcoming photo shoot. 

24 March 2014


This boy could spend hours climbing and crawling on the big toys at the park.

23 March 2014


Saturday at a local sheep farm to see the new baby lambs and to climb on the hay bales

21 March 2014


They say the greatest gift you can give your child is a sibling.  I'm not sure Tess agrees.  I often catch her taking toys from Lewis, pushing him out of her way, and shouting in his ear.

But then I find moments like this - the two of them happily splashing together in the sink.    I feel certain they will be friends and playmates for life.